Workshop: Docker Swarm

Still deploying to a single VM? Good news for you! Since 1.12 native clustering is fully integrated into Docker Engine, which means that container clustering is easier than ever (and you don’t even need to tediously setup a standalone Swarm). In this hands-on workshop we will arm ourselves with the usual Docker tools (like its CLI and Compose) and then run a set of simple services across different VM’s using swarm mode. Some of the questions that will be answered: - What exactly is container clustering? - How does swarm mode handle service faults? - Can I redeploy without stopping the world? - Can the cluster be reconfigured on the fly? - Does it even scale, bro? For this event, you should: 1. Bring your own PC 2. ...with Docker 1.12+ installed 3. ...including Compose (comes with Docker Platform) 4. Know the essentials of Docker CLI